Map & Universe: making a site-specific artwork in Southern Sweden

Julie Poitras Santos


In Map & Universe:making a site-specific artwork in Southern Sweden, the artist explores the development of a work created in 2016 that uses walking and storytelling to explore ideas associated with being lost. The courtyard at Brunåkra, an 1889 farmhouse in Gislöv, Sweden and an arts centre residency, was revealed through weeks of weeding and soil removal and a labyrinth was built within the old stone patterns using polished stones from the nearby Baltic Sea. At the reception, participants walked the periphery of the farm together, entered the central courtyard and walked the labyrinth, then traded stories about being lost.

Contrasting the experience of having a map with that of being lost, this short essay uses the public project Map and Universe as provocation to investigate how the experience of being lost can provide new opportunities for awareness and communitas.

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